How Keen?


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So Keen Productions is a Christchurch based production company founded by Sophie Petersen and Keeneth Love, graduates of the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Arts (NASDA).

Our team includes Christina Love who is an assurance and advisory analyst with Deloitte Christchurch and Dr. Soseh Yekanians, head of acting at NASDA. Dr. Yekanians also specializes in theatre directing and how performing arts can provide culturally displaced individuals with a sense of identity and belonging.

The purpose of So Keen Productions is to bring theatre to the community in a sustainable way through small cast musicals and plays for professional performers and young theatre enthusiasts.

So Keen Productions aims to bring performing arts back into the city of Christchurch post-earthquake, by making theatre easily accessible to the wider community and creating an avenue for musicals, plays and educators through putting on productions in traditional and alternative spaces in conjunction with the growth and rebuild of Christchurch city in order to cultivate a hub for the performing arts.

So Keen Productions also aims to supply theatre education to primary age children with a platform for performances as well as providing workshops for young working performers to help maintain their craft post tertiary education.